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Laman Indek Berita ELC Universitas Bina Darma
Language Center / Berita (Page 2)

ELC UBD in collaboration with Indonesian English Teachers Association (IETA) held national seminar, 28 October 2010. Many participants joined this seminar. They were from various cities in Indonesia....

Students of Universitas Bina Darma are known as Sumatran Debaters. This is because UBD has been successful enough in creating debating club which is also known as Bina Darma Debating Union....

UBD consistently helps their students to compete in global world. One of the programs is by enrolling the students to an English competency test. The test is key English Test (KET). This is an international test provided by Cambridge University. This program was started in...

ELC UBD in collaboration with Maestro English Centre, one of private course in Palembang, held a seminar entitled “Digital English”. In this seminar, Director ELC was one of the keynote speakers. This was done in Jayakarta Daira Hotel in 2012....

ELC UBD, in 2010 until 2012, conducted training at SMAN 4 Lahat. This training aimed to help teachers and students in improving their general English and also in teaching knowledge (special for teachers). At the end of the training, the participants were given an international...