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Laman Indek Berita ELC Universitas Bina Darma
Language Center / Berita

BDR is one of annual programs of ELC UBD which is specialized for students of UBD. BDR is known as Bina Darma Rector’s Trophy. In 2015, BDR was held for the third times. This program was started in 2013. This program mainly aims to internally...

ELC is one of active participants and sub-centre for PT. Mentari Books Indonesia. Therefore, ELC UBD was invited to have mini booth in promoting ELC UBD programs to seminar participants in Cambridge EXPO in 2011....

This in-house training aimed to help lecturers at ELC UBD with their teaching skills and methodologies. The speaker of the training was Dr. Sisilia Halimi. This training was designed only for lecturers at ELC UBD....

ELC UBD had a business trip to Cambridge University Press in Singapore. All teams of ELC UBD were following this program. This was to help lecturers and staffs knowing their product better and having skills in service quality. This business trip was done for 2...