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September, 2019

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  • PJADWAL TES TOEFL ITP tahun pelaksanaan 2019* 19 Januari 2019 (Done) 16 Februari 2019 (Done) 23 Februari 2019 (Done) 16 Maret 2019 (Done) 23 Maret 20

  • BDR is one of annual programs of ELC UBD which is specialized for students of UBD. BDR is known as Bina Darma Rector’s Trophy. In 2015, BDR was held

  • ELC is one of active participants and sub-centre for PT. Mentari Books Indonesia. Therefore, ELC UBD was invited to have mini booth in promoting ELC U

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Tria Yunsry
Student of Bina Darma University

I am Tria Yunsry, I am 19 years old. During my study in ELC I get many unforgettable experiences, for example meeting good lecturers who can make my English much better than before. The way they teach is also interesting which encourages me to learn more and more. The facilities are very modern and supporting the learning activities in the class. As a member of Bina Darma Debating Union too, I become much braver and more confident in speaking in front of public and be more critical thinker in analyzing news on TV. I become very interested in learning English and exploring my talents.

Devina Julika
Member of BDU and Student of Bina Darma University

I am Devina Julika, I am the 4th semester student of Bina Darma University. I take English 1,2 and 3 in English language center (ELC) UBD and I get many improvement in my English skills especially in speaking. I am also a member of Bina Darma Debating Union (BDU) which helps me to enhance my critical thinking skills and my persuasive speech. Last December I won Bina Darma Rector’s Trophy held by ELC as the 1st runner up and as 3rd best speaker. I am so glad and proud to study here and be a part of English community in ELC.

Student of Economic Faculty

I am Amnah from economic faculty majoring accounting. My experience in ELC (English Language Center) of Bina Darma University is very great because I have met many awesome lecturers. They teach very well and understandable for the students. I also ever joined Debating Competition that was held by ELC Bina Darma University. It was my first time in debating and I found some new experiences there. I won as the 1st runner up and as the 1st best speaker. I am also a member of SSEC (South Sumatra English Community) held by English Language Center UBD (ELC), with a special room to practice debate, storytelling, and other public speaking skills. I am very proud to be a part of the SSEC and I can get much knowledge from ELC Bina Darma.

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